Public Reports
  from the HRensembleHR project

Project Reports:

Final Project Report (2010): HRensembleHR: A High Resolution Ensemble for Horns Rev.
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Public Interim Report 1 (2007): Verification of WEPROG's MSEPS with data from the FINO1 platform
     [Full Text] (783 KB)

Public Interim Report 2 (2008): Progress report on a variability forecast approach, ocean modelling, and sensitivity analysis of oceanographic variables for offshore forecasting
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Partner contributions:

St. Drenan, Y.-M., Comparison of different Charnock models for the determination of the vertical wind profile, HREnsembleHR Project Report, (2009).
    [Full Text] (6.5 MB)

Nissen, J., Vincent, C., Direct spectral verification of a mesoscale ensemble, HREnsembleHR Project Report, (2010).
     [Full Text]  ( 1.3 MB)

Jørgensen, J.U., Möhrlen, C., Influence of Sea Surface Parameterisation on the forecast quality, HRensemble Public Project Report (2010).
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