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Vincent,C.L.,  Pinson, P.,  Giebel, G., Wind fluctuations over the North Sea. International Journal of Climatology. Accepted (2010).
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Vincent C, Giebel G, Pinson P, Madsen H., Resolving Non-Stationary Spectral Information in Wind Speed Time Series using the Hilbert-Huang Transform.Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology: In Press. (2009)
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Möhrlen, C., Jørgensen. J.U., First experiences of the new EEG trading rules in Germany and introduction of an ensemble based short-term forecasting methodology for intra-day trading, 3rd Workshop on Best Practice in the Use of Short-term Forecasting of Wind Power, Bremen, 2009.   
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Möhrlen,C., Jørgensen, J.U.,  A new algorithm for Upscaling and Short-term forecasting of windpower using Ensemble forecasts , 8th International Workshop on Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems as well as on Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Farms, Bremen, Germany, October, 2009
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Cali, Ü.,
Kurt,M., Möhrlen,C., Lange, B., Development of an Offshore-Specific Wind Power Forecasting Based on Ensemble Weather Prediction and Wave Parameters. European Offshore Wind Conference, Stockholm, 2009.
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C. Vincent, C. Draxl, G. Giebel, P. Pinson, C. Möhrlen, and J. Jørgensen, Spectral verification of a mesoscale ensemble, Proc. European Geophysical Union General Assembly, Vienna, (2009).
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Vincent, C., Draxl, C., Giebel, G., Pinsen, P., Jørgensen, J.U., Möhrlen, C., Spectral verification of a Mesoscale Ensemble, European Wind Energy Conference EWEC'09, Marseille, 2009.
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Pinson,P., Madsen H., Ensemble-based probabilistic forecasting at Horns Rev, Wind Energy special issue Offshore, Wind Energy, vol. 12, issue 2, pp. 137-155 (2009).
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Pinson,P., Madsen H., Ensemble-based probabilistic forecasting at Horns Rev: Ensemble conversion and kernel dressing, Technical Report - DTU - Informatics and Mathematical Modelling, Danish Technical University, Lyngby, (2008).
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Cali, Ümit , Saint-Drenan, Y-M., Möhren, C., Jørgensen, J.U., Lange, B., von Bremen, L., Investigation of the potential improvement of Offshore Wind Power Forecast based on Ensemble Weather Prediction by using offshore specific parameters, Proc. German Wind Energy Conference DEWEK 2008, Bremen, 2008.
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Pierre Pinson, Henrik Aa. Nielsen, Henrik Madsen and Torben S. Nielsen: Statistical power curve modelling:
Which power curve for what application?, European Wind Energy Conference EWEC'08, Brussels, Belgium, 2008.
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Möhrlen, C., Jørgensen, J.U., Pinson, P., Madsen, H., Lange, B., Cali, Ü., Bolding, B., Giebel, G.,n Tøfting, J., Kristoffersen, J.R.: 
HRensembleHR Project Progress in applying Short-range Ensemble Forecasts for Offshore Wind power, European  Wind Energy Conference EWEC'08, Brussels, Belgium, 2008 (submitted).
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Pinson, P., Madsen, H. From meteorological ensembles to reliable probabilistic forecasts of wind generation. 28th Annual International  Symposium on Forecasting, Nice, 2008.
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Ümit Cali, Bernhard Lange, Jan Dobschinski, Melih Kurt, Corinna Möhrlen, Bernhard Ernst, Artificial Neural Network Based Wind Power Forecasting Using a Multi-Model Approach, 7th
International Workshop on Large Scale Integration of Wind Power and on  Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Farms, Madrid, May, 2008.
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Pierre Pinson, Henrik Aa. Nielsen, Henrik Madsen, Torben S. Nielsen: LocalLinear Regression with Adaptive Orthogonal Fitting for the Wind Power Application Statistics and Computing 18(1), pp. 59-71, 2008.
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Möhrlen,Corinna, Jess U. Jørgensen, Pierre Pinson, Henrik Madsen, Jesper Runge Kristoffersen, HRENSEMBLEHR - HIGH RESOLUTION ENSEMBLE FOR HORNS REV, European Offshore Wind Energy Conference, Berlin, 2007.
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